At the offices of Geoff Pollock & Associates, we take our clients’ needs to heart. We strive to provide representation that is not only efficient, effective, and timely, but also friendly, accessible, and down-to-earth. Whatever your legal needs, we are here to serve you. That is our promise. Call us to find out how we can help.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate is one of the core focuses of our firm. We provide our clients with representation and assistance on different types of transactions from commercial properties to apartment buildings, from family homes to private mortgages.

Family Law

Marriages as well as a common-law relationships can carry certain rights, as well as obligations and responsibilities. We can assist by providing advice for cohabitation, or separation agreements, custody, or financial support. 

Civil Litigation

Disputes and disagreements are a part of life. Most of the time you will be able to resolve the disagreement yourself. Sometimes you will need the help of a legal advisor to explain your options, rights, obligations and the process.

Corporate & Commercial

Our firm provides a range of business law services including incorporation, corporate reorganizations, commercial leases, shareholder and employment agreements, asset and share purchase and sale.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

We work with individuals that are faced with unsustainable debt loads, corporations that need to examine the option of restructuring, as well as creditors including secured and unsecured lenders, trustees and financial institutions.                                                                     

Wills, Estates & Trusts

For far too many, the Will is a “one sized fits all” document. Not at our law firm. No two people are identical, nor are their Wills. Whilst you may be an identical twin you will need a different Will! The legal and the tax perspectives of estate planning are factored into everything that we do.

What our clients say

Bonnie Huen
Barrister & Solicitor

As a lawyer that does not do real estate, little did I know what was in store for me in my first real estate purchase. I am glad that I had Geoff acting as my real estate lawyer – I genuinely believe that it was his acute awareness of all the elements to the transaction and his ability to manage and co-ordinate all those elements that the deal closed without a hitch and on time! Geoff truly added value to the transaction with his knowledge and expertise. I would recommend Geoff to anyone who not only wants to get the deal done, but who wants it done right.

David Trombley
Owner, Hockey Extreme

My business, my family, and my source of income was under duress and thank God I turned to Geoff Pollock. My emotions ran high as my business was unexpectedly blindsided by a fellow business partner. Geoff Pollock went far and beyond expectations. He is extremely professional, and intelligent, and most importantly he won my case. I highly recommend Geoff.

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